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Lighting, Electrical & Plumbing

We supply a huge range of lighting, electrical and plumbing products. Choose from modern and energy efficient LED downlights, LED pendants and LED surface lights in a variety of sizes and light colours such as 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and RGB.

Our large electrical range has everything you need to sort the home wiring and switching needs. Cables, switch gear, circuit breakers, electrical switchboards, conduits, measuring equipment and industrial and outdoor electrical gear as well as batteries.

Our plumbing range covers commercial and bathroom plumbing products from downpipes, DWV couplers, bends and fittings to channel and grate as well as vanity wastes and traps, shower wastes, toilet in-wall cisterns, flush and inlet valves and flexible hoses.

Lighting, Electrical & Plumbing