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Midea Group

Midea Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer appliances1 and major appliances2. It offers household and commercial air conditioning appliances, refrigeration, laundry, and large cooking appliances, kitchen appliances, water appliances, vacuum appliances, small domestic appliances, and lighting.

Every year, Midea products win 40+ awards in design shows around the world, including the Red Dot, iF, and Good Design awards. The Midea brand’s promise is to offer “surprisingly friendly solutions”. Combined with Midea Group’s high manufacturing volume and standards of excellence, this provides customers with an attractive product portfolio to help you “make yourself at home”.

Midea Air Conditioning

As the world’s No. 1 air treatment brand3 Midea has brought millions of air conditioning units into homes all around the world. The Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division (RAC) offers a full range of residential AC products from split inverter systems, window, portable ACs and dehumidifiers. With 11 manufacturing bases in China, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Brazil, and Argentina, Midea's air conditioner annual production capacity exceeds 67 million sets.

Midea Group also invests in the future. With over 1000 R&D staffs and an annual investment of more than USD 300 million, the Midea RAC department has received over 6000 patents. The advanced R&D institutes and design centres in China, Japan, the USA and Italy enable Midea to keep exploring the world of innovative, smart air conditioners.

Midea Refrigeration

The Midea Group entered the refrigeration market in 2001, and has been focused on creating functional and beautiful refrigerators to meet a variety of needs. With Midea's ongoing R&D, the refrigerator division has introduced a range of technologies to offer customers more choice, features and at the same time protect the environment with efficient compressors and better refrigerants.

Keeping food fresh for longer is achieved by smart air humidity control. Other features offer benefits such as fast freezing and cooling, total frost free operation, PST technology to eliminate germs and odours, easy to use digital controls and much more.

Midea Refrigeration Appliances

Midea Kitchen Appliances

Since producing its first microwave in 1999, the Midea Kitchen Division has grown to include research, development and production of rangehoods, cooktops, ovens, microwaves, slow cookers, dishwashers, and food waste dispoals.

Midea's R&D laboratory in Shunde not only focuses on developing the core components of their appliances, but also works on improving energy efficiency, reliability and safety compliance in order to produce the best kitchen appliances using the latest technology. Midea invests at least 3% of sales revenue in R&D every year, which allows them to attract the world’s top R&D talent. This investment is a part of the mission to create innovations that will become the standards of tomorrow.

Midea Laundry

The Midea Laundry Division has been operating since 1958 and continues to expand. Their laundry products have won various prestigious design awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. There are 28 mass production lines, and a high production capacity of 34.9 million units per year ensuring that global market demand can be easily satisfied.

Midea's 723-strong laundry R&D team conducts research at their laboratories to shape the future of fabric care. The result is new technology to improve the cleaning of fabrics such as the Water Cube Drum. This is one of their flagship innovations in the laundry appliances segment. It has over 2000 holes, each with a diameter of 2.4 mm, creating the ideal environment to wash your clothes gently, but effectively. The unique design massages the fabrics to help remove stubborn stains, but also protects clothes from wear and tear.

Midea Laundry Appliances

Midea Small Home Appliances

Midea Small Home Appliances

Midea has become the world’s No. 1 small cooking appliances brand4, with an annual production capacity of 100 million sets. These product ranges include food preparation appliances, small cooking appliances, fans and heaters. In the small cooking appliances segment, Midea are the leading maker of rice cookers, pressure cookers, and electric induction cookers.

Midea Group has the world’s leading R&D center for small domestic appliances. Their patent applications now top 23,000, which makes them first in terms of small domestic appliances. Midea have established a range of quality policies and quality assurance tools, such as Six Sigma, SPC, and QEP. The Midea Group has put in place a quality management process that covers all aspects from quality management and user experience to spare parts and DEM management, as well as inspections to monitor the manufacturing quality of cooking, beverage, and food appliances.

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