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Smart toilets Aquilla, Hydra, Renzo / Renzo+ / Azura
Anti bacterial deodorisation

Our Vogue intelligent toilet suites are the perfect choice for a luxury, ultra-modern bathroom. Their beautiful and modern shape and a myriad of advanced bidet features make these smart toilets truly exceptional.

For example, the built in anti-bacterial deodorisation ensures that your bathroom is always fresh and ready. 

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The Azura entry model provides most of the luxury bidet features. But comfort with our Renzo, Renzo+ and Aquilla models starts the moment you approach the toilet.

A super convenient foot sensor opens and closes the cover when you step up. For gentlemen, a second tap also lifts the seat.

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Smart Toilet foot sensor opens lid
Heated seat with adjustable temperature

The luxury experience continues when you sit down. All models have a heated seat for your immediate comfort. The seat temperature is easily adjustable.

A built in night light also provides sufficient visibility without the shock of switching the lights on for those middle of the night visits to the bathroom.

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Designed for the whole family, the main bidet experience offers multiple wash modes with adjustable water pressure and temperature. The front wash is designed for ladies and a child wash provides a gentle experience for the younger members.

The wash nozzle even supports a movable wash for improved cleaning. It will also automatically clean itself after use for impeccable hygiene.

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Multiple nozzle wash modes
Warm air drying

All our models will finish off your bidet session with a pleasant drying stream of warm air. The air temperature is, of course, adjustable to your preference.

Our intelligent toilets come with a remote control and are easily installed in most bathrooms. See them in our showroom or order online now.

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