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Midea Aurora Heat Pumps

Midea Aurora+ Heat Pumps

With a contemporary design, powerful features and efficient performance across any room size, the Aurora series of heat pumps offer the perfect balance of style, efficiency and smart control to assure you of pure comfort and convenience at home. With powerful cooling and heating when you need it, Turbo mode will get you your desired temperature in minutes, no matter the weather outside.

Please view our online product brochure for more details. You can also download a pdf copy.

Read online brochure

Read online brochure

Heat Pump Size for Room*

Room Size m2(approx) Unit Capacity
15 m2 - 25 m2 2.5kW
20 m2 - 35 m2 3.5kW
30 m2 - 50 m2 5.0kW
40 m2 - 70 m2 7.0kW

*Indicative guide only.

Aurora Plus from $899


  • Professional installation in most NZ regions.
  • Electrical certificate issued after installation.
  • Optional servicing provided by installer.

Back to Back Installation

A back to back installation is the quickest way to install your Midea heat pump. The outdoor unit is placed at the base of the outside wall on which the indoor unit will be installed and the two are connected. The connection shall not exceed 3 metres.